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  1. When was FSL Trust constituted?
    • FSL Trust was constituted as a business trust in Singapore on 19 March 2007.
  2. When was FSL Trust's Initial Public Offering (IPO) and what was the IPO offer price?
    • FSL Trust's IPO was conducted from 19 to 22 March 2007 and its IPO offering price was US$0.98 per unit (equivalent to S$1.50 per unit based on the exchange rate of US$1.00: S$1.5291). The units of FSL Trust were listed on the main board of SGX on 27 March 2007.
  3. Where can I get a copy of the IPO prospectus?
    • The prospectus may be downloaded from SGX's website at the following link:

      Click to download

  4. Who are the Sponsor and Trustee-Manager of FSL Trust?
    • The Sponsor of FSL Trust is FSL Holdings Pte. Ltd., formerly known as First Ship Lease Pte. Ltd. The sole shareholder of the Sponsor is Prime Shareholdings Inc., which is an affiliate of international ship-owning and management group, Prime Tanker Management Inc.

      The Trustee-Manager of FSL Trust is FSL Trust Management Pte Ltd ("FSLTM"), which is majority-owned by the Sponsor. FSLTM is led by a management team who has an average over 20 years of experience in structured finance, ship financing and the operational and commercial aspects of the shipping industry. For more information on the FSLTM management team, please refer to the management section under the Trustee-Manager section.
  5. How do I buy FSL Trust's units?
    • FSL Trust's units are traded on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST). Interested investors may purchase units of FSL Trust through any licensed brokerage house. The minimum trading size for FSL Trust is 1,000 units.
  6. When does FSL Trust's fiscal year end?
    • The company's fiscal year ends 31 December.
  7. How can I obtain information on FSL Trust's latest results?

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